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Former Employee - Hot Counter Customer Service says

"Degraded by manager and supervisor. No respect. Manger is not profession doesn't know how to run his department. Heath safety concerns with food handling. Food left out all day that need to refrigerated. Dangerous environment to work in, floors always grease. Would not there to buy at the hot counter since I worked there. ."

Former Employee - Operations Supervisor says

"If you have brilliant ideas to help succeed good luck ideas are pushed down not listened too"

Current Employee - Produce Clerk says

"Poor management, corporate doesn't know what happens on the ground"

Former Employee - Cashier says

"Treat employee bad and not nice"

Former Employee - Sales Associate/Cashier says

"Some of the managers weren’t very flexible with scheduling and would sometimes schedule minimal workers leaving you to work by yourselves."

Current Employee - Pharmacy Assistant says

"Poor salary for someone who has 12 yrs experience. I make $15.30/ hr"

Former Employee - Sales Associate/Cashier says

"Doing the same thing continues no new skill"

Former Employee - Former Employee says

"Harassment Favouritism Totalitarian Leadership Incompetent, Lazy, Bullying-Type Managers Incompetent, Petty, Vindictive, Lazy Coworkers that Management Favour High Stress Environment Worse Place I've Ever Worked Don't Work Here"

Current Employee - Staff Pharmacist says

"Toxic work environment, broke laws constantly and ostracized those who didn’t, poor communication alll around"

Former Employee - Data Science Manager says

"incapable team leads who does not understand the work and tends to micromanage everything, had very difficult time communicating with this person. lots office politics, bureaucrats dictates everything here."

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"in the end Loblaws gets rich off there employees!!HAte HAte HAte it . they wasted 10 years of my life to be poor and homeless now! ill always hate Loblaws forever and, Iam not a hateful person!"

Assistant Grocery Manager (Former Employee) says

"Loblaws does not care about it’s employees, customers or community. From price fixing, to dropping the covid wage bump, they are just awful. This company will expect you to work your butt off, while being given min wage for minimum hours. Even if you work full time, you won’t make enough to survive. Taking groceries is the only way to make working for this company worth it. They treat people, and the public like dirtNone. Go to sobeys or anywhere but hereEverything. Management, work load, pay"

personal shopper (Former Employee) says

"i worked at loblaws at the high tech location in richmond hill and i regret every minute of it. everyone talks trash about each other and personal shoppers are made to feel like they are beneath everyone. furthermore, they cut off the $2/an hour extra covid pay before phase 2 even commenced so the billion dollar company could "save more money". loblaws has zero respect for their employees and their food is only half decent. dont work here or you will regret it"

Personal Shopper (Former Employee) says

"They make changes to your schedule without telling you. Tell you they will change it back and don't. Also yell at you for almost everything. Very stressful, bad place to workbenefitslack of communication, very stressful, they expect you to be perfect"

Produce Clerk (Former Employee) says

"If you want to get a living wage job, you start at part-time most of the time, and waste years until you qualify for a good job. the managers often don't know what they are doing, just high school educated and really no clue about business. if you work part-time, you end up working with other part-time workers who are often students who couldn't care less, and call in sick due to partying. they pay is low, the hardest jobs are given to the workers are paid less, while full-time workers have weekends off. nonemanagers with no education / knowledge, part-time to save company money, no one is in a job they wanted in life...people are bitter"

Front end/Flow worker (Current Employee) says

"While there are many wonderful people that work at Zehrs, there are a few horrible individuals that make for a very toxic environment. Even when complaints are lodged to management, little to no effort is made to improve things. These individuals also have no work ethic and take advantage of the job by taking extended breaks and bullying fellow employees. Despite all this, and complaints, management does very little to improve the situation. In fact, poor behaviour appears rewarded over a great work ethic. Individuals that should be terminated are allowed to continue, whereas caring workers who value the company are "forced" out.Benefitstoxic environment with no penalties for abusive workers"

Department Manager - Loblaw (Current Employee) says

"after years of constant bullying and harassment i now have PTSD, thank you loblaws. working 12 to 15 hour days,with no coffee or lunch breaks, 5 to 6 days a week and only paid for 40 hrs you are then told you are lazy and useless. i was expected to be outside in the garden center watering plants, inside on the floor stocking and working put-a-ways, in the back room sorting stock and scanning out garbage by hand and at the loading dock pulling new stock by hand and breaking down /sorting the new stock alone all at the same time with no help. 3 times per minute you are paged to the opposite end of the store to complete a task that will take hours. you end up with blisters on your feet and then you are told you are stupid, worthless and had better pick it up or else then you are told to work during your vacation time and asked to look in on your department on your day off. i was then told by management i had better quit or he will harasses me till i have a stroke or heart attack. my options was quit or death....i held out till they eliminated my position and i got severance. thank you for the PTSD loblaws, what a great place.got to see the best deals firstworking there."

Cash Office Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Horrible managers made for a hostile work environment. Part time employees were supposed to get benefits if you worked 20+ hrs per week, my schedule was always capped at 19.5 hrs. Didn't make enough $ to cover rent most months.NothingEverything"

Department Manager-Click and Collect (Former Employee) says

"For what you're paid the expectations are horrendous. If you're a manager there is absolutely no work life balance. No support. It's like working in a high-school.Paid vacation if your management.Everything."

Front End Staff (Former Employee) says

"The benefits are horrible the management are just rude at the london north location the pay is too low can barely survive off of the darn salary no room for promotionN/aEverything"

Owner/Operator (Former Employee) says

"Seeking more & more owner operators from contractors . Then keep sitting at home 3 or 4 days a week. Send home after 6 hours. No equality at dispatch office. Lots of favourism. Low pay rate. Just to kill driver’s time send 6-7 trucks all together at one place. 2 hours free waiting & Then pay just $ 25 an hour over 2 hours. Pretend to keep busy the drivers like that."

Stocking (Current Employee) says

"Really bad place to work. They use a seniority system where people who've been working there longer get more hours. I've been working here about 8 months and dont get more than 2 shifts a week, currently only 1 shift a week! You get no hours, and even when you do, a lot of people with higher seniority dont do any work. Most of the time they're standing around talking. Additionally, most of your coworkers will be 15 year olds.Its a job, I guess???Everything. I wouldnt recommend working here."

Shipper/Receiver Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Regarding the application, I have not been given any feedback, not even complying with the courtesy of doing business. Do not waste your precious time with this company."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"The worst place I've ever worked. Nobody stays working here. Zero job security. Get ready for harassing negative emails daily from anyone above DMs. They pull you in saying they have a rich bonus structure but make it impossible to hit. Zero culture unless you have a good dm who creates one (which Is also rare). Everyone is miserable. They only about themselves."

Worker (Current Employee) says

"The management is sexist against males, they lack professionalism and are too lazy to train new employees. If they hate their job and people so much, they should leave and make room for more humane management that would promote a more family oriented environment, not a place of fear."

Pharmacy Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Loblaws has got to be one of the worst places to start your career as a pharmacy assistant. during my phone interview they made it clear i would be getting minimum wage plus i would have to pay union dues...to keep a minimum wage job. i nearly fell out of my chair laughing, informed the recruiter their offer was pathetic and hung up the phone. i think i made a good impression."

Loss pervention (Former Employee) says

"Don't not work for these people. all they do is care about is making money. they don't care to protect their employees, i have seen female cashiers go to management about costumers being pervs and all management says is suck it up. Management will flat out lie to your face, tell you something is not important and does not matter and then fire you for not focusing on it."

Part time clerk (Former Employee) says

"Management was absolutely horrible. In the interview I told them my availability and that I wasn't flexible with my finish time only my start time because I have a kid. They promised me I would be working 5 days a week and it was full time hours. Complete lie!!! I only worked 2 days a week and sometimes less. The pay was horrible for how much they expected you to get done in your shift. Iwoulrecommend"

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"The higher management for the zehrs on big bay point fresh dept is highly unprofessional, she is the worst person to deal with and can’t be professional if she tried"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"The managers can’t keep their personal lives to themselves and yell at the employees, they only give you an 8 hour per week and they jump down your throat if you make a mistake. A good place to work if you love workplace bullying"

Soup says

"Their website is really shitty and impossible to use to order food. Don’t shop there, it looks pretty but the service is shit"

Trefusis says

"I Graduated from a registered pharmacy technician course and applied for work at Loblaws, they offered me 17/hr...i laughed for about a minute and then told the hiring manager to go #@$% herself."

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